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Why Brand Positioning Is Crucial to Your B2B Business

Brand positioning is when you are able to succinctly define your target buyer, their pain point, and what differentiates your company from other brands in providing a solution to that pain point.

Positioning your brand well in a B2B environment is very important.
It’s one of the biggest differentiators between B2C and B2B marketing. In B2B, your demographic is less wide than that of B2C where there could be various touch-points and interactions that a customer might run into when consuming a product.

For example, a big brand product such as Pringles is contained in its branding and advertising. It looks and tastes exactly as it has always been since you’ve known the brand. If the package is damaged, you don’t necessarily associate the poor quality with the company. The grocer probably dropped it while arranging stock on the shelf. Your experience with a B2C product could change but it doesn’t necessarily reflect Pringle’s branding.

B2B companies, on the other hand, are a totally different story.

You will mainly be dealing with industry influencers and experts who have had years, even decades, of experience in the industry you’re in. This makes it quite challenging to come up with a positioning strategy that’ll satisfy your demographic.

One key thing to remember when creating a successful positioning strategy is to be as precise as possible. The clearer you are about the benefits you can offer to the customer, the easier it becomes to succeed, grow, and flourish.

Instead of aimlessly drifting, waiting for the next customer to notice you, a clear, strong positioning strategy lets you know who exactly you should be marketing to and present your offer in a clear and concise manner.

Creating a positioning strategy.

These are three important questions that you must ask yourself:

  • How do I define myself?
  • What makes my brand special?
  • What unique value do I offer?

Take your time in doing this and be sure that your positioning strategy represents everything that makes your brand special. 

To succeed in the B2B world, you must position your brand in a way that customers are happy with the outcome that your product or service has provided. The better you are at meeting their premium expectations, the more successful your business will be.

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